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What are Property Lawyers in Johannesburg?

Property Lawyers Johannesburg is the term applied to a person who specialises, and is qualified to practise, in property law. Property lawyers Johannesburg may carry out online conveyancing services via the Internet, offer traditional offline property conveyancing services or, as is the case with property lawyers Johannesburg providing their clients with a combination.

Licensed Conveyances are regulated by the Council for Licensed Conveyances, and are one of the very few professions legally authorised to carry out property transactions in England and Wales. The Council is a statutory body, which derives its powers from The Administration of Justice Act 1985.

In order to be able to practise as a Licensed Conveyancer it is necessary not only to qualify by passing the Council examinations, but also to demonstrate considerable practical experience. To retain a licence, it is necessary to undertake regular training and development courses throughout the year. Limited licence holders are authorised to provide property conveyancing services only as employees.

In order to enter into private practice as a proprietor or partner, a full licence is required. Full licences are only granted to those able to demonstrate further practical experience, and show that they are fully competent to run a business. They must also be able to prove that they are fit and proper people and able to be trusted with the handling of large sums of clients' money on a day-to-day basis.

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