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What are Labour Lawyers in Johannesburg?

Labour lawyers Johannesburg who assists and advises workers or their representative bodies in matters of labour law and social security . In the legal procedure for labour cases , the assistance of a labour lawyers Johannesburg is compulsory only for bringing appeals before the higher labour courts. In these advisory functions, labour lawyers Johannesburg are sometimes in competition with other professionals such as labour officers or social workers.

Attorneys who specialize in labour and employment primarily deal with the issues between employers and organized labour or unions. These labour lawyers Johannesburg work under the oath of ensuring good faith between employers and workers through collective bargaining of their rights and interests respectively. They ensure that any issues or disputes between workers union or organized labour and their employers will be settled accordingly without having to enter into lengthy and costly disputes. They serve as legal advisers to both parties especially when the need arises.

Labour lawyers Johannesburg who specialize in labour law are also called attorneys or counsellors that may work either or both advocates and advisers. Just like any other lawyer, their career in law started with training and education geared towards making them learn about general law. They will continue their education through specialization so that they will become labour lawyers in the process. As have previously been mentioned, they work either or both as advocates and advisors.

Labour Lawyers in Johannesburg


Labour Lawyers in Johannesburg


Labour Lawyers in Johannesburg


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