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Child Custody Johannesburg Lawyers

A child custody Johannesburg lawyer will focus solely on the best interests of a child where a custody battle is at the forefront. A child custody lawyer must consider the rights of both parents in the event of custody battles, however this does not override the best interests and rights of the child. The lawyer is there to make sure that the child is placed with the person who is most capable of looking after him/her and to ensure the child’s interests are made top priority. To evaluate this, every element vital to the child’s wellbeing will be taken into consideration. From medical requirements, to education, to close contact, to housing and nutrition. Where one parent is granted custody of a child, the child custody lawyer will ensure fair visitation rights are adhered to in relation to the other parent’s rights, and granted it poses no threat to the child’s wellbeing. It should be noted that the child custody lawyer is focussed on what is best for the child.

Child Custody Lawyers


Child Custody Lawyers


Child Custody Johannesburg Lawyers


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